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Sohee Card17,915 times
Orc Archer Bow17,840 times
Witch Starsand17,837 times
Demon Mask17,816 times
Thara Frog Card17,781 times
Blood Of Wolf17,734 times
Blue Gemstone17,685 times
Vanberk Card17,481 times
Mantis Card17,464 times
Garuda Hat [1]17,361 times
Crescent Scythe17,352 times
Spore Card17,332 times
Skel Worker Card17,241 times
Ice pick17,140 times
Swordfish Card17,019 times
Kobold Card17,000 times
Hellfire16,851 times
Main Gauche [4]16,735 times
Robo Eye16,696 times
Mystical Card Album16,692 times
Matyr Card16,677 times
Four Leaf Clover16,540 times
Muramasa16,389 times
Morrigane's Belt16,337 times
Rough Elunium16,332 times
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