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Garuda Hat [1]17,282 times
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Vanberk Card17,046 times
Crescent Scythe16,997 times
Mantis Card16,769 times
Skel Worker Card16,715 times
Ice pick16,634 times
Swordfish Card16,590 times
Main Gauche [4]16,589 times
Spore Card16,482 times
Hellfire16,381 times
Mystical Card Album16,242 times
Kobold Card16,123 times
Four Leaf Clover16,111 times
Morrigane's Belt16,101 times
Robo Eye16,091 times
St Patrick's Hat [1]15,983 times
Matyr Card15,857 times
Rough Elunium15,761 times
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2 days agoElta: costume
1 day agoPansy: 8=D~>-|o vs o|-<~0=8
20 hours agoCasie: how much will it sell. anyone know. i have a 1 slot angelic guard.