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16 minutes ago jellopy
1 hour ago dragon tail
1 hour ago dragon scale
1 hour ago puente
1 hour ago crimson bible
1 hour ago elunium
2 hours ago elunium
2 hours ago elder willow
3 hours ago nine tails
3 hours ago hammer of 
20 days agoDewitt: anyone want one?
20 days agoDewitt: got a zombie card
18 days agoCordelia: Yes hello, can I get a #4 but with a salad instead of fries?
10 days agoKathryn: We're all out of fries. Would you like some BEANS INSTEAD?!
6 days agoDonald: i got 2 for like 1 poring
2 days agoHeaven: +7 Malicious
2 days agoRodolfo: 4422