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1 hour ago military
1 hour ago blacksmith's glove
2 hours ago blacksmith's glove
2 hours ago necklace of oblivion
4 hours ago Cruiser
4 hours ago Fallen
4 hours ago rainbow carrot
4 hours ago katana
4 hours ago pike
4 hours ago WOODEN MAIL
9 hours agoLondon: just ask. this ragnastats based on which server?
9 hours agoLondon: Q: Which server is listed by RagnaStats?A: iRO Valkyrie
9 hours agoLondon: okay got it. thanks
5 hours agoFranklyn: Buckler
4 hours agoArleen: kk
4 hours agoElma: fallen]
4 hours agoDanielle: Cruiser