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Valkyrja's Shield [1]32,530 times
Dead Branch31,919 times
Stem31,360 times
Maneater Blossom31,165 times
Soldier Skeleton Card30,888 times
Durga [1]30,489 times
Fallen Angel Wing [1]29,736 times
Well-Chewed Pencil29,305 times
Clip [1]29,035 times
Iron28,738 times
Pantie28,620 times
Rideword Hat [1]28,312 times
HE Bubble Gum28,099 times
Elven Ears27,856 times
Bloody Branch27,807 times
Undershirt27,322 times
Elder Branch26,956 times
Hydra Card26,834 times
Crown of Deceit [1]26,623 times
Steel26,391 times
Elven Bow [1]26,262 times
Old Blue Box26,184 times
Holy Water25,609 times
Iron Ore25,569 times
Smokie Card25,011 times
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13 days agoTena: wow some people still play this game haha... enjoy guys
13 days agoShaun: ^ You realize how long the game has been around, right? Not surprising that folks still pay even tho u don't lol.
12 days agoJaren: game rocked
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