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Blue Herb23,155 times
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Vitata Card22,873 times
Royal Jelly22,671 times
Holy Water22,392 times
Kafra Blossom Card22,316 times
Iron Ore22,225 times
Emperium22,068 times
Rough Oridecon21,996 times
Coal21,889 times
Apple of Archer21,858 times
Variant Shoes21,852 times
Alcohol21,773 times
Pupa Card21,666 times
Stone of Sage21,651 times
Mummy Card21,341 times
Whisper Card21,288 times
Yggdrasil Seed21,204 times
Lunakaligo [3]21,181 times
White Herb21,172 times
Pearl20,913 times
Creamy Card20,782 times
Banana Juice20,726 times
Fabric20,617 times
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