Popularly Vended
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Token of Siegfried Box94,522 times
Boots [1]93,820 times
Valkyrian Shoes [1]93,766 times
Yggdrasilberry93,192 times
Awakening Potion92,958 times
Costume Tarnished Lamp92,183 times
Electric Fist [3]91,750 times
Blank Card91,257 times
Hunter Fly Card90,853 times
Neuralizer Box90,201 times
Fabric88,460 times
HD Oridecon 10 Box88,195 times
Bottle Grenade88,116 times
Romantic Leaf86,156 times
Phen Card85,735 times
Abysmal Knight Card84,427 times
Acid Bottle84,037 times
Fricca's Circlet83,907 times
Witch Starsand83,378 times
Red Flame Whip83,262 times
Ring [1]83,146 times
Steel82,323 times
+4 Giant Faceworm Snake Skin81,828 times
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