Popularly Vended
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Silvervine 4 Box290,985 times
Magical Stone287,363 times
Old Card Album286,882 times
Elunium274,049 times
Oridecon253,913 times
Strawberry216,720 times
White Wing Suits [1]203,232 times
Maneater Blossom197,985 times
Orleans's Gown [1]189,705 times
Old Purple Box186,875 times
White Potion185,795 times
Clip [1]178,258 times
Valkyrja's Shield [1]166,332 times
Dead Branch160,083 times
Variant Shoes153,208 times
Yggdrasil Seed149,036 times
Battle Manual X3140,193 times
Cat Hand Glove [1]139,435 times
Glittering Jacket [1]134,360 times
Erde [2]128,211 times
Bloody Branch124,548 times
Stem122,796 times
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