Popularly Vended
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Old Card Album343,784 times
Elunium332,172 times
Silvervine 4 Box325,450 times
Magical Stone317,965 times
Oridecon316,597 times
White Wing Suits [1]246,192 times
Strawberry239,594 times
Clip [1]230,482 times
Orleans's Gown [1]223,431 times
Maneater Blossom216,866 times
White Potion214,499 times
Old Purple Box211,566 times
Valkyrja's Shield [1]204,383 times
Variant Shoes189,937 times
Battle Manual X3172,826 times
Yggdrasil Seed169,803 times
Dead Branch169,367 times
Glittering Jacket [1]157,507 times
Crimson Dagger [2]157,269 times
Bloody Branch154,957 times
Erde [2]151,205 times
Condensed White Potion148,656 times
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