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Fallen Angel Wing [1]33,025 times
Apple of Archer32,865 times
Kafra Blossom Card32,804 times
Rough Oridecon32,646 times
Whisper Card32,635 times
Vitata Card32,580 times
Well-Chewed Pencil32,514 times
Elven Ears32,315 times
White Herb32,138 times
Creamy Card31,867 times
Poison Spore31,533 times
Honey31,521 times
Pupa Card31,449 times
Smokie Card31,209 times
Royal Jelly31,206 times
Rideword Hat [1]31,013 times
Fabric30,875 times
CD In Mouth30,776 times
Elven Bow [1]30,564 times
Spore Card30,511 times
Ice pick30,260 times
Red Blood30,136 times
Stone of Sage29,901 times
Crown of Deceit [1]29,600 times
Sidewinder Card29,420 times
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