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Whisper Card35,874 times
White Herb35,480 times
Pupa Card35,313 times
Silvervine 4 Box35,140 times
Rough Oridecon35,131 times
Vitata Card34,949 times
Poison Spore34,817 times
Spore Card34,803 times
Creamy Card34,548 times
Kafra Blossom Card34,544 times
Honey34,511 times
Durga [1]34,347 times
Smokie Card34,173 times
Fallen Angel Wing [1]33,981 times
Well-Chewed Pencil33,929 times
Elven Ears33,883 times
Fabric33,670 times
CD In Mouth33,567 times
Royal Jelly33,345 times
Jellopy33,085 times
Sidewinder Card33,041 times
Morrigane's Manteau32,606 times
Ice pick32,332 times
Pasana Card32,330 times
Red Blood32,264 times
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5 hours ago double smash damascus
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3 days agoCarson: around 2100 on during peak time
3 days agoSigmund: heroic backpack