Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's with all the green and red stuff?
A: It's the difference between the cost of the item being sold and its average price. Green means the item is being sold under average, red means it's being sold over.

Q: My shop is listed in your page, but the name of my character is listed as Unavailable. Why is that?
A: A number of factors come into play here, but the basic reason is the RO server sends your account number to the client before sending your name. Because our bots move from shop to shop so quickly, and because there's so many people clumped together in crowded areas, it may take a couple days for your name to be stored in our database.

Q: Which server is listed by RagnaStats?
A: iRO Valkyrie

Q: When are you going to finish more features?
A: When are you gonna learn perl?
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