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Archer Skeleton Card55,996 times
Carga Mace [2]55,359 times
Strawberry53,648 times
Playspan Reset Stone Box50,206 times
Elunium48,910 times
Earth Deleter Card47,208 times
Battle Manual X340,978 times
Spiritual Auger38,894 times
Oridecon38,057 times
Hunting Spear [1]36,490 times
White Potion35,686 times
HE Battle Manual34,599 times
Old Card Album34,430 times
Andre Card34,413 times
Green Ale34,296 times
Embryo32,656 times
Hunter Fly Card32,196 times
Valkyrja's Shield [1]32,154 times
Phen Card32,109 times
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