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all is well
6 days ago - Prontera 152, 122 - Mistokles
x1Apple of Archer350,000z
x1Apple of Archer350,000z
x1Apple of Archer350,000z
x1Apple of Archer350,000z0z
x1Bradium Brooch of Counter [1]32,000,000z
x1Bradium Brooch [1]30,000,000z
x1Thorny Buckler [1]19,000,000z
x1+7 Boots [1]9,500,000z
x1Costume Bat Stole170,000,000z
x12Soldier Skeleton Card999,999z
x7Archer Skeleton Card18,000,000z
x1Girl Doll42,000,000z

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