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3 days ago - Prontera 152, 104 - Freetrader
x1Blacksmith Blessing34,000,000z
x1Unknown #5933780,000,000z
x1Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3]25,000,000z
x1Valkyrja's Shield [1]24,000,000z
x1Dead man bandana [1]55,000,000z
x1Costume Silent Executor24,000,000z
x1Orcish Sword5,000,000z
x1+5 Giant Faceworm Snake Skin22,000,000z
x1Ring [1]1,500,000z
x1Staff Of Bordeaux5,000,000z
x1Crimson Twohand Sword [2]7,000,000z

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