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CARDS CLEAR Malicio/Hallow shad armo
348 days ago - Prontera 159, 156 - Volendrunng
x1Assaulter Card3,850,000z
x1Aliza Card1,450,000z
x4Willow Card200,000z
x2Salamander Card20,000,000z
x1Explosion Card2,950,000z
x1Odium of Thanatos Card1,950,000z
x1Caramel Card24,450,000z
x1Pupa Card8,700,000z
x1Skogul Card900,000z
x1Pest Card2,450,000z
x1Malicious Shadow Armor300,000,000z
x1Hallowed Shadow Armor10,000,000z

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