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Zeo's Shop =o
3 days ago - Prontera 156, 168 - Zeo's Shop
x1Pilebuncker S [1]80,000,000z
x1Upgrade Part - Engine [1]25,000,000z
x1Upgrade Part - Plate15,000,000z
x1+4 Upgrade Part - Booster [AGI + 1ASPD 1:Gold Acidus:STR 22,000,000z
x1Unknown #270139,999,999z
x1Step Card9,999,999z
x1Teddy Bear Card8,888,888z
x2Unknown #46699,999,999z
x1Gibbet Card8,888,888z
x1Medusa Card6,666,666z
x1Scaraba Card5,555,555z

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