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12 days ago - Prontera 143, 61 - m a r
x1Peuz's Plate50,000,000z
x1Ur's Manteau150,000,000z
x1Ur's Greaves [1]250,000,000z
x1Peuz's Greaves [1]150,000,000z
x1Peuz's Plate120,000,000z
x1+5 Ur's Plate250,000,000z
x1Ur's Plate110,000,000z
x1Ur's Greaves [1]200,000,000z
x1Ur's Plate120,000,000z
x1Ur's Plate120,000,000z
x1Peuz's Manteau80,000,000z
x1Peuz's Manteau110,000,000z

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29 days agoDewitt: got a zombie card
28 days agoCordelia: Yes hello, can I get a #4 but with a salad instead of fries?
19 days agoKathryn: We're all out of fries. Would you like some BEANS INSTEAD?!
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