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5 days ago - Prontera 156, 54 - Royz1
x1Mad Bunny Special19,998,000z
x1True Flamel Emure Card299,999,000z
x1+9 Enforcer Shoes999,999,000z
x1Vampire's Familiar [1]499,999,000z
x1Unknown 19095499,999,000z
x1Mysterious Muffler [1]799,999,000z
x1Unknown 22210799,999,000z
x1Tengu Shoes799,999,000z
x1Unknown 15145799,999,000z
x1Temporal Vit Boots799,999,000z
x1Temporal Vit Boots799,999,000z
x1Temporal Vit Boots299,999,000z

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23 days agoDewitt: anyone want one?
23 days agoDewitt: got a zombie card
21 days agoCordelia: Yes hello, can I get a #4 but with a salad instead of fries?
13 days agoKathryn: We're all out of fries. Would you like some BEANS INSTEAD?!
9 days agoDonald: i got 2 for like 1 poring
5 days agoHeaven: +7 Malicious
5 days agoRodolfo: 4422