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28 days ago - Prontera 160, 114 - Soul Forger
x1+9 Liberation Shoes (Shadow)1,000,000,000z
x1Unknown 20519650,000,000z
x1Unknown 2001279,000,000z
x6MATK Stone(slot 2)24,000,000z
x7Medium Stone(slot 1)4,500,000z
x2LUK Stone(slot 1)4,500,000z
x1HIT Stone(slot 3)4,500,000z
x1FLEE Stone(slot 3)4,500,000z
x1INT Stone(slot 1)4,500,000z
x1AGI Stone(slot 1)4,500,000z0z
x1Small Stone(slot 1)4,500,000z0z
x1Bing Stone(slot 1)4,500,000z0z

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