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Orlean Necklace & Other Cool Items!
188 days ago - Prontera 144, 93 - Alchemist_Sasha
x1Orleans Necklace188,777,666z
x1+9 Turkey On Your Head [1]233,444,555z
x1+9 Divine Guard Hat [1]444,333,222z
x1Unknown 19306333,222,111z
x1+7 Star-Spangled Bandana [1]99,888,777z
x1Dark Blinder14,333,222z
x1+7 Divine Cross39,888,777z
x1+7 Heart Breaker [1]14,333,222z
x1+7 Erde [2]14,333,222z
x1Jinn Marin Balloon199,888,777z
x1Advanced Welding Mask99,888,777z
x1Undead Knight F Card29,888,777z

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