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3 days ago - Prontera 143, 63 - e r i n
x1Robe Of Affection145,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection190,000,000z
x1Robe Of Judgement135,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection100,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection135,000,000z
x1Shawl Of Judgement280,000,000z
x1Shawl Of Affection205,000,000z
x1Shawl Of Affection215,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Judgement125,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Affection125,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Affection155,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Affection135,000,000z

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