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188 days ago - Prontera 118, 61 - RegalandoKPuwu
x5Bloody Branch24,900,000z
x1+9 Illusion Apple of Archer [1]900,000,000z
x1Costume Heroic Packpack390,000,000z
x1+4 Hard Shadow Armor30,000,000z
x1Homers Shield (Shadow)10,000,000z
x1Dustfire [2]50,000,000z
x1Rudolf Hairband10,000,000z
x1Rudolf Hairband10,000,000z
x1Banshee Master Card50,000,000z
x13Unknown 252711,900,000z
x1Laurell Weinder Card10,000,000z
x1Beholder Master Card400,000,000z

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