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186 days ago - Prontera 116, 73 - MeCanary
x207HE Battle Manual5,000,000z
x24Prize Of Hero26,500,000z
x1Beholder Master Card777,777,777z
x1+9 Celines Ribbon777,777,777z
x1Temporal Dex Boots888,888,888z
x1+12 Hurricane Fury [1]999,999,999z
x1+9 Unknown #15169588,888,888z
x1+9 Unknown 15283588,888,888z
x1+9 White Wing Suits [1]688,888,888z
x1+9 Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3]588,888,888z
x1Cloak of Survival [1]285,000,000z

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