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10 days ago - Prontera 145, 120 - -"+zombie+"-
x1+11 Faceworm Queen Leg997,700,000z
x1+9 Power Shadow Earring677,700,000z
x1+9 Staff of Destruction [1]677,700,000z
x1+9 Unknown 19171577,700,000z
x1+9 Valkyrja's Shield [1]447,700,000z
x1Alice Card347,700,000z
x1Pendant Of Maelstorm [1]197,700,000z

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21 days agoDara: ыыыы
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15 days agoGunner: Heroic Backpack +9 
15 days agoPriscilla: B> Amulet in bulk 10k ea.
5 days agoBrooklyn: mysterious muffler