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Comel Here
9 days ago - Prontera 61, 196 - Lady Zeny Comel
x1Unknown 31055495,495,495z
x1Unknown 20349385,385,385z
x1+8 Cat Club [3]20,000,000z
x1Sapha's Cloth [1]79,999,999z
x1Shawl Of Affection20,202,020z
x1Mace Of Judgement [2]7,777,777z
x1Strawberry In Mouth4,666,666z
x1Miyabi Ningyo Egg7,575,757z
x1Unknown 90993,999,999z
x1Skelion Egg4,999,999z
x1Portable cage for Scatleton8,585,858z
x1Harpy Card321,321z0z

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