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289 days ago - Prontera 100, 116 - 'o`yAMl2oll`o'
x13Stone of Sage1,799,999z
x1Zerom Card40,999,999z
x1Khalitzburg Card9,999,999z
x1Drainliar Card9,999,999z
x1Pupa Card9,999,999z
x1Owl Duke Card5,999,999z
x1Remover Card7,999,999z
x1Savage Bebe Card5,999,999z
x2Greatest General Card3,999,999z
x1Thiefbug Egg Card2,999,999z
x1Sandals [1]599,999z

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20 days agoIsmael: what's this?
17 days agoRashawn: I found one of RagnaStats' bots passed out, drunk by the Prontera fountain.
17 days agoRashawn: So... that's why they're not updating?
6 days agoAdolph: it not why
5 days agoBaby: hi all
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