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40 days ago - Prontera 155, 107 - Tamama Usagi
x1Sprout Hat999,999,999z
x1+7 Cylinder Hairband [1]950,000,000z
x1Sapphire Wrist [Gold Scaraba] [1]750,000,000z
x1+9 Peerless Rideword Hat [1]550,000,000z
x1+9 Polution Evil Marching Hat [1]450,000,000z
x1Moon and Stars250,000,000z
x1Chewing Gum190,000,000z
x1Chewing Gum190,000,000z
x1Chewing Gum190,000,000z
x1Black Devil's Mask190,000,000z
x1Unfrozen Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1]100,000,000z

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