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Sawyers Ring set/ Morpheus SET
10 days ago - Prontera 145, 62 - Nicholai21
x5Old Card Album6,900,000z
x1Helm of Angel20,000,000z
x1Ring Of Flame Lord49,000,000z
x1Ring Of Resonance49,000,000z
x1Morpheus's Shawl18,000,000z
x1Morpheus's Ring6,000,000z
x1Morpheus's Bracelet1,800,000z
x1Morrigane's Belt8,000,000z
x1Katar of Raging Blaze19,000,000z
x1Red Lantern6,500,000z
x1Odin's Blessing [1]1,300,000z
x1Magestic Goat8,000,000z

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