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+10 RTE/Cards/B>C.Shiba Inu 1b Rodex
33 days ago - Prontera 257, 207 - G|izzly Bear
x1+10 Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (Red) [3]995,000,000z
x1Lichtern Yellow Card14,500,000z
x1Snowier Card7,500,000z
x1Kasa Card5,000,000z
x1Ungoliant Card18,900,000z
x1Orc Lady Card2,000,000z
x1Khalitzburg Card8,000,000z
x1Lichtern Green Card14,000,000z
x1Morrigane's Pendant3,000,000z
x1Morrigane's Belt5,000,000z
x1Bloodied Shackle Ball39,000,000z
x1Morrigane's Pendant5,000,000z

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