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224 days ago - Prontera 147, 145 - ! The King !
x233Battle Manual X315,999,999z
x379Mystical Card Album15,666,666z
x18Old Card Album8,222,222z
x1744HE Battle Manual4,677,777z
x1120Safe to 7 Weapon Certificate12,888,888z
x81Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate25,999,999z
x1241Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate13,333,333z
x1Unknown 1917179,999,999z
x1Unknown 1929979,999,999z
x1Costume Love Chick Hat79,999,999z
x1Unknown 2049579,999,999z
x1Unknown 1917179,999,999z0z

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