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7 days ago - Prontera 146, 67 - v e r i o n
x5INT Soul Potion4,000,000z
x6AGI Soul Potion4,000,000z
x7VIT Soul Potion4,000,000z
x12DEX Soul Potion4,000,000z
x3STR Soul Potion4,000,000z
x24LUK Soul Potion4,000,000z
x47HE Battle Manual5,000,000z
x1Miracle Blue Rose400,000,000z
x1Four Leaf Clover125,000,000z
x1+9 Crimson Mace [2]85,000,000z
x1Orleans's Gown [1]15,000,000z
x1Orleans's Gown [1]15,000,000z

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