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5 days ago - Prontera 54, 215 - Mysterious Vendor C
x1+10 Ice Pick [1]899,000,000z
x1+9 Ice Pick [1]499,000,000z
x1+9 Skull Cap [1]699,000,000z
x1+9 Bow Of Storm [1]899,000,000z
x1Bow Of Storm [1]499,000,000z
x1+9 Healing Staff399,000,000z
x1Temporal Str Boots149,000,000z
x1+9 Unknown #19048899,000,000z
x1Costume Toy Syringe39,000,000z
x1Costume Toy Syringe39,000,000z0z
x1Costume Toy Syringe39,000,000z0z

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