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Fund me for endgame plz! thanks!<3Ro
62 days ago - Prontera 130, 202 - Melkhior
x1Katar of Raging Blaze875,000z
x1Doom Slayer [1]2,950,000z
x1Erde [2]4,500,000z
x1Orcish Sword250,000z
x1+9 Unknown 19269975,000,000z
x1+5 Bangungot Boots of Nightmare42,500,000z
x1Round Buckler [1]500,000z
x1Ghost Coffin90,000,000z
x3Orc Warrior Card300,000z
x600Witch Starsand6,300z
x1Unknown #5978500,000,000z

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