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216 days ago - Prontera 62, 198 - Capricornia
x1Crimson Bible [2]100,000z
x1Crimson Bible [2]100,000z
x1Crimson Bible [2]420,000z
x1Ancient Magic [2]480,000z
x1Legacy of Dragon100,000z
x1Book of Billows280,000z
x1Platinum Shotel [1]220,000z
x1Unknown #1695150,000z
x1Unknown #22083120,000z
x1Unknown #15129200,000z

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8 hours ago 4 magical weapon
8 hours ago 4 magical weapon
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8 hours ago claymore
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8 hours ago resentful soldier
8 hours ago resentful solier
8 hours ago resentful
8 hours ago soldier
8 hours ago nightmare ancient mummy
17 days agoColt: red baby dragon
17 days agoLuann: muka card???
15 days agoBrad: staff
14 days agoDara: ыыыы
12 days agoJoe: whats  Darkred Scale Piece for?
8 days agoGunner: Heroic Backpack +9 
8 days agoPriscilla: B> Amulet in bulk 10k ea.