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6 days ago - Prontera 147, 97 - [Z]arya Nattoto
x49Red Gemstone1,000z
x63Yellow Gemstone2,500z
x454Zenorc's Fang1,000z
x47Wind of Verdure30,000z
x2Flame Heart10,000z
x5Crystal Blue12,000z
x134Poison Spore2,600z
x194Orcish Voucher500z
x27Iron Ore1,500z

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7 days agoDarleen: went away for a month and CD in Mouth tripled in price
4 days agoMargarito: my cat was here
3 days agoMicaela: B>+9 TGL EA10~12. Rodex The Big Purple Dinosaur
5 hours agoOtis: encyclopedia
5 hours agoLoren: san
5 hours agoLoren: where can i use my minouse card
5 hours agoLoren: where can i use it to level up