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Holy Crimson Weapons // Lian // Sapp
60 days ago - Prontera 130, 113 - Sweet Deals
x1+9 Crimson Katar [2]299,999,999z
x1Unknown #28410999,999,999z
x1+10 Lian Robe [1]999,999,999z
x1+9 Unknown #2195449,999,999z
x1+12 Crimson Mace [2]899,999,999z
x1+9 Temporal Str Boots349,999,999z
x1Unknown 28900499,999,999z
x1Unknown 1510499,999,999z
x1Rosary of Flash [1]199,999,999z
x1Rosary of Flash [1]199,999,999z
x1Laboratory Permit19,999,999z
x1Bible of Promise(2nd Vol.) [1]499,999z

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