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Hodre, Marc, Pasana, Verit n more!!!
274 days ago - Prontera 125, 112 - Wall Street Wolf
x2Hodremlin Card34,900,000z
x1+4 Unfrozen Orleans's Gown [1]16,900,000z
x1+4 Orleans's Gown of Ifrit [1]12,900,000z
x1Light Of Cure70,000,000z
x1Fledged Tidal Shoes [1]2,900,000z
x1Gigantic Bow [1]6,500,000z
x1Magnolia Card1,700,000z
x2Necromancer Card900,000z
x1Red Lantern3,500,000z
x1Verit Card6,000,000z
x1Costume Dip Schmidt Helm4,100,000z
x1Sleeping Kitty Cat700,000z

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