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True celia,+15 parasol, leaf cat,cos
182 days ago - Prontera 150, 97 - Ellen!
x1True Celia Alde Card695,000,000z
x1+15 Old Parasol [Spell6] [3]610,000,000z
x1+7 Leaf Cat Hat575,000,000z
x1Costume: Wings Of Victory110,000,000z
x1Moon and Stars140,000,000z
x1+7 Sea Captain Hat [1]300,000,000z
x1+4 Combat Knife180,000,000z
x1Costume Blazing Soul55,000,000z
x1Costume: Blush95,000,000z
x1+4 Temporal Agi Boots110,000,000z
x1Handkerchief In Mouth50,000,000z

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