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186 days ago - Prontera 143, 63 - e r i n
x1Erde [2]30,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection45,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Affection50,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Affection110,000,000z
x1Shoes Of Affection35,000,000z
x1Ring Of Archbishop25,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection35,000,000z
x1Mace Of Judgement [2]10,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection50,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection35,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection40,000,000z
x1Robe Of Affection20,000,000z

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