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190 days ago - Prontera 126, 59 - Stygixs
x2062Sentimental Fragment999,990z
x334Old Card Album9,999,900z
x90Mystical Card Album19,900,000z
x9SP Stone(slot 2)99,990,000z
x18Recovery Skill Stone(slot 1)299,000,000z
x2HP Absorption Stone(Garment)999,000,000z
x6True Chen Lio Card499,000,000z
x6True Cecil Damon Card499,000,000z
x2True Celia Alde Card999,000,000z
x1+7 Illusion Apple of Archer [1]999,000,000z
x1Survivor's Shoes888,000,000z
x1Party Hard Pack249,900,000z

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19 days agoRashawn: I found one of RagnaStats' bots passed out, drunk by the Prontera fountain.
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