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186 days ago - Prontera 129, 110 - Freetrader
x1Marina Card15,000,000z
x1Zombie Prisoner Card15,000,000z
x1Hode Card12,000,000z
x1Dark Frame Card13,000,000z
x1Odium of Thanatos Card13,000,000z
x1Freezer Card13,000,000z
x1Picky Egg Card12,000,000z
x1Miyabi Doll Card13,000,000z
x1Vagabond Wolf Card13,000,000z
x1Pirate Skel Card13,000,000z

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23 days agoVonnie: FOTA
18 days agoIsmael: what's this?
15 days agoRashawn: I found one of RagnaStats' bots passed out, drunk by the Prontera fountain.
15 days agoRashawn: So... that's why they're not updating?
5 days agoAdolph: it not why
4 days agoBaby: hi all
4 days agoBaby: test