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70 days ago - Prontera 109, 86 - MoneyMakers$
x1Water Lily Crown [1]6,000,000z
x1Fortier Masque25,000,000z
x1Pegasus Ear Wing40,000,000z
x1Costume Sniper Goggle300,000,000z
x1Vicious Cloth [1]99,999,999z
x1Black Cat1,000,000z
x1Evil Wing5,000,000z

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8 days agoHerta: People only come where when ragial down? xD
8 days agoElmo: B> Oranges bulk
7 days agoHamza: B>FAW +9 EA4 x2 rodex to d-smith
4 days agoDella: Do you like buckets?
4 days agoAlba: a
3 days agoGalen: is the buy shops option not working??
14 hours agoEstell: cm que usa o teleport clip?